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Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:50

The main character in Remote is Kurumi Ayaki: a traffic cop ready to give up work once she got married, but was forced to return to her job to help pay for her wedding. However, when she returns to work, instead of going back to her old job, she is enlisted to help crack a serial murder case! The case that she is working on is particularly tricky, and the police force has had to call in a special detective - a master at solving cases - but incredibly anti-social (L anyone?)! The detectiveís name is Kozaburo Himuro and it is Kurumiís job to help him track down whoever is committing these crimes.

The main protagonist Kurumi can get quite annoying at times, but it is nothing unbearable.
Since this manga has an evil clown in it, that means big points in my book (or manga as the case may be)! Remote is a bit graphic, and has many people dying throughout. It also contains nudity, and its fair share of tight fitting tops and panty shots.

If I had to compare the manga Remote to any other that I have read, I would say there are similarities to Death Note. While Death Note focuses more on the idea of good and evil and both sides fighting each other - Remote features the same type of mystery and investigative style as Death Note, but lacks the interaction with the villain.

Remote is written by Seimaru Amagi, Artwork is by Tetsuya Koshiba.
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