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Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:52

Psy-Comm is a Science-Fiction Fantasy story set in the future and is about a soldier called Mark Leit and his best friend David Jerold. Both are Psychic Commandos ("Psy-Comms"): soldiers with psychic superpowers.
In the world of Psy-Comm, War is treated as a reality show “scheduled, televised and rated” and Mark Leit is one of the most popular Psy-Comms, scoring higher in public polls than any other Commando yet. The first book is mainly for setting the scene for the main plot to continue in later volumes.

Definitely one of the best things about Psy-Comm is its creative use of the Psy-Comm’s super powers. The main character Mark Leit can see slightly into the future, which is mainly used to dodge things, but then David Jerold’s power is telekinesis, which as well of using the standard throwing things he also redirects the reflections of air molecules around him to change his appearance, which is pretty original (wait a minute, could that work? Sigh… don’t you love it when you debate the physics of super powers as if they were real?). There is also a gravity controller, a pain absorber, an Electrokinetic and a mind wiper.

The series has a very futuristic feeling with high-tech weapons, vehicles and technology, and of course the idea of war being used as entertainment. There is also a lot of moral conflict in this book, such as the reason war is treated in such a manner and David’s lack of sympathy to other humans, preferring to kill than to simply leave the enemy.

Psy-Comm is an English Manga and reads left to right. It was written by Jason Henderson and Tony Salvaggio with art done by Shane Granger.
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