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Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:53

Et Cetera is an Action/comedy manga set in the Wild West and revolves around the two main characters, Mingchao and Baskerville. Mingchao is a Chinese girl who’s main goal in life is to get to Hollywood and become a big star. Her only relative - her Grandpa - has died, and has left Mingchao with the mysterious weapon known as "The Eto Gun". Travelling with her is the mysterious priest known as Baskerville (or simply Mr. Priest to Mingchao). He claims to be only a simple travelling missionary, but there seems to be much more to him. Together they travel across the Wild West, trying (but failing) to avoid trouble, while attempting to understand the puzzling Eto Gun.

The characters in it are fun to read, and each has their own individual personality. It is entertaining to see Mingchao screw up and get captured by various villains, and interesting to learn more about various other characters in the manga as more is revealed about them. Also, the villains in it are well thought out and creative (such as the three Viper Bros.) with vastly different character designs.

One of the best things about Et Cetera is the cheesiness of it: being set in the Wild West it has plenty of corny accents and stereotypical outlaws with wanted posters. It is nice and refreshing to read a simple story, where the heroes win and the bad guys lose, with a good bit of humour mixed in. Et Cetera is a good Manga for anyone who just wants a fun read without having to think too much. With no extreme content, this Manga can be read by pretty much anyone!

This Manga is a personal favourite of mine and I am definately looking forward to find more of it. :D

Et Cetera was made by Tow Nakazaki and has 9 volumes to it.
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