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Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:55

"Long long ago, in a deep, dark forest far from civilisation, beyond a towering range of... well, you get the idea. It's the kind of place a story like this has to begin..."

Dragon Ball is an action/adventure manga with a fantasy setting and some sci-fi mixed in. It stars Son Goku, a fourteen year old Monkey boy who, living in the wild for his whole life has never seen another human being apart from his late Grand father. However, this changes when Goku runs into Bulma, a girl on a quest to find the seven Dragon Balls. The Dragon balls are mysterious artefacts, that when collected together, can summon the Dragon god Shenlong, who will grant a single wish. Goku joins Bulma on her quest, and before long Goku joins Bulma on her quest and before long they are hopping continents, meeting magical beings, fighting monstrous foes and getting each other into more trouble than you can fit on a single planet!

While the front cover does make it seem like the manga is aimed at a younger audience, the book is more aimed at teens, and can definitely be appreciated by adults. The main feature of Dragon Ball are the different characters in it. In book one we are introduced to a few of broad cast that will join these adventures:
There is Goku, who is baffled at all the strange things that he sees such as cars or motorbikes, and unable to tell the difference between boys and girls without giving them a “pat-pat”! There is also Bulma, an brilliant inventor, willing to do anything to get the Dragon Balls (Including flashing at an old man! LOL).

And there is a shapeshifting, rather perverted, pig and a thief who wants to get the Dragon Balls so he can wish to stop being afraid of girls.

Dragon Ball is one of the best mangas of its time and an absolute classic. It went on to inspire other well known manga such as Naruto and One Piece, and as such it’s worth reading even just to see what all the fuss is about! Dragon Ball has some nudity and fan service.

The story and art was done by Akira Toriyama. There are several other series dedicated to this storyline, both Manga and Anime, as well as "other" mediums.
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