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Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:57

Chobits is set in the future, where instead of normal computers, laptops or PDAs everybody uses persocoms - computers shaped like human girls, but can do everything normal computers can do!

Hideki Motosuwa is a student who barely has enough money to buy himself food, but would want a persocom more than anything else. He's so poor, that he laments that he would die of old age long before he could save up enough! That is until he finds one lying in the garbage - he'll finally be able to “read e-mail, play games, and download the latest porn!” Or so he thinks...
There’s something strange about this persocom. It has no memory, no data, and no operating system. It doesn't know how to speak, or even how to wear clothes. Yet, "she" already has a personality, and is clinging to Hideki as if she can't bear to be without him!

So it is left to Hideki to find out where "Chi" (as she comes to call herself) came from, and what makes her so different from any persocom he has ever met. Not only that, but Hideki is left with the responsibility to teach Chi everything: from the difference between “morning” and “night” to the fact that panties do not go on the head! Of course, Chi tries to learn all that she can - copying everything that she sees and hears. In fact, she says such nonsensical things in her attempts, Hideki can't decide whether she is mega-cute or just plain annoying!.

We see the world through Hideki - the troubles in his life, how they get so much more complicated with the arrival of Chi, and his conflicting feelings toward this little confusing persocom. One minute Hideki will be only interested in his own pleasure: “I’ve seen it on TV, a girl falls in love with a guy and does the cooking, cleaning… and other stuff”; but moments later he'll be buying and reading story books to her, genuinely caring about her, and doing everything he can to make her happy!

Chobits contains lots of fanservice and ecchi and some slight nudity.

Chobits was created by Clamp, there are 8 volumes and an Anime adaption with 24 episodes.
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