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Review By avmakt
Posted: 30/11/10 19:08

Made in 1989, this is an adaptation of a manga by Shiro Masamune. This takes place in the same universe as most of his other works, though much earlier than Ghost in the Shell or Appleseed. In a city wracked with bacterial air pollution, the criminals have moved beyond the control of the standard police forces. The government sanction the creation of a TankPolice division. This is a decision they later come to regret.

The story follows Leona Ozaki, who transfers to the TankPolice from the motorcycle unit at the beginning of the OVA, as well as the other officers in the TankPolice as they adjust to this addition to their team of stereotypes. A quick summary of the team reveals the nasal glasses-wearing nerd, the moustached religious one, the obvious blond love interest and the angry maverick commander. Also followed are the main antagonists – a petty criminal cyborg and his two accomplices (twin robot cat-girls) and their nefarious plot to steal various body fluids for ill-defined purposes.

The style of this anime is an overblown, self-mocking comedy-action. The dialogue falls back on well established clichés and entertainingly over-the-top voice acting. The comedy is slap-stick for the most part, with the visual gags making up for the occasionally painful lines. The “ultimate deterrent” (and the accompanying puns) being a prime example of the shockingly strange decisions made (as near as I can tell) in the name of comedy.

The DVD provided is only the first half of the four volume OVA, the latter two volumes are therefore not included, so the plot seems more concerned with stage and character setting than dramatic set pieces or intrigue (not that intrigue is a common element in comedic shows about tanks).

Inevitably, this is not of the same calibre of Ghost in the Shell, but quite enjoyable all the same.
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