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Review By avmakt
Posted: 30/11/10 19:11

Texhnolyze was created in 2003, written by Konaka Chiaki and the characters designed by the creator of Serial Experiments Lain (Abe Yoshitoshi). The library has only the first volume of this anime, and as such it is difficult to evaluate from such a limited perspective. The first thing to say is that not a lot seems to happen in this anime. There will be bursts of action or violence punctuated with lengthy shots of characters or scenery, often with little to no motion in these shots. But by no means does that make the programme any less interesting – instead it draws the watcher into the programme. The first episode contains no speech for the first eleven minutes but still manages to give a feel for the general setting and immediate back-story of the anime. There is some degree of violence in this anime but it is very well done in that rather than rivers of blood for the sake of gore, instead we have a wounded character bleeding and obviously in the extreme pain such a wound would cause. This was a conscious decision on the part of the creators, who were frustrated at Shonen anime’s tendency to have characters who should be mortally wounded barely affected and, indeed, still running around killing people.

What the first volume covers of the plot concerns prosthetic enhancements and the divide between the wealthy criminal over-class and the impoverished workers of Lux. This is exemplary of the philosophical under-themes present in most cyberpunk – in this case the ethics of cybernetic enhancements and the oppression inherent in the production of modern technology.

What little dialogue this volume of Texhnolyze has is well written, the characters are compelling and well designed. The opening and ending themes are similarly competent. All in all, a well made anime.

While I have watched only the first volume of Texhnolyze, if the rest of the series matches up to it, it promises to be of particular quality and as with most things, it’s always a good plan to start with the beginning, so if you like cyberpunk or even if you don’t you should still watch this.
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