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Review By avmakt
Posted: 17/10/10 09:54

Usually described as supernatural mystery thriller Death Note is a simply brilliant series.

The story follows Light Yagami, a seventeen year old genius who has become disillusioned with the world around him, sickened by the injustices and lazy corruption everywhere. This feeling is mirrored by the shinigami (a God of Death) named Ryuk, who is bored with the tedium and nihilism of the shinigami realm and, in the hope of finding something interesting to do, drops a “notebook” into the human world.

As you may have guessed, this is no ordinary notebook! It possesses the supernatural ability to kill any person whose name is written in it (providing that the writer knows the true name and face of the victim). This book is found by Light and he realises he can change the world. He decides to kill all the evil people on earth, thus creating a society solely consisting of the good and honest people who remain, and that as the architect of this “utopia” he would become the “god of the new world”. Ryuk, who decides to follow Light as he tries to bring about this new world, comes to conclusion he was right to venture into the human world. As he puts it - “humans are interesting after all”.

The police are outraged by the sudden deaths of hundreds of people, as this killing of criminals was still considered as murder. They enlist the help of the greatest detective in the world, known simply as “L”. He publicly challenges Kira (the name the internet gave the mystery murderer stemming from the word “killer”) – calling him evil and promising to bring him to justice. Thus begins a fascinating game of cat and mouse; with L and Kira each working to discover the other’s identity and bring them to what each considers justice.
Brilliantly written, devised and animated, this is one of the finest anime I have ever seen. It would be worth watching for the opening and ending credits alone (set to songs by the Japanese band “Nightmare”) which are visually awesome and perfectly set the scene for the show itself.

The main themes are of the nature of absolute power corrupting even the noblest of intentions and whether anyone really has the right to choose if another dies.

The characters are great, the story is better, the themes are far more engaging and with more depth than is usually found in anime designated “shonen”. The voice acting is well executed; even the dub is well done for once. Misa is slightly too cute and gullible to be believed to be a more cold-hearted unscrupled killer than Light, but even that can be overlooked. Ryuk’s dialogue is often just thinly veiled exposition, but it does fit in well with his role as an observer looking for something fun to occupy himself with.
All in all, highly recommended!
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