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Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:27

Final Fantasy IX is a game for the Playstation 1 and is the last of the Final Fantasy series to be released on that console. This game is an RPG (Role Playing Game) in which the main character is a thief with a tail called Zidane (though you can name him whatever you want), who is travelling with a band of criminals pretending to be a "theatre group". The story starts with your kidnapping of the Princess Garnet (you can name her as well) - who as it turns out, actually wants to be kidnapped! Other characters join your party as you continue: Vivi the black mage, Steiner the knight, and several others as well. You can name all of them and they all have different attacks that they can use in battle.

Being an RPG, an important part of the game is the battle system. Final Fantasy IX's system is very well set up: the main attack is just attacking with a weapon, but some characters will have a secondary attack which uses MP (magic points). Along the way you will find new items to equip members in your party and to raise their stats. Every time you win a battle you gain experience, which - if you get enough of - raises you up a level, increasing your stats even further. The good thing about FFIX is that though on occasion you will have to spend a large amount of time fighting monsters to level up, the well-done battle system makes it seem more fun, and makes the time fly by (except that is if you accidentally die with out saving, losing all that experience Crying or Very sad).

As well as the game play being very good, the story is excellent and has some really good characters, like the two jesters who are exactly the same but different, or the King who was turned into a tiny bug! As well with good game play and story, it has brilliant graphics (for the Playstation 1) and amazing cut scenes, which are definitely a treat to watch. And then the music! Every thing about this game is good, and the only complaint of mine was the world map, which is used for travelling to and from places, and is rather plain. Luckily you don't have to go through it often and it is a lot better with one of the best pieces of music from the game when you get the Chocobo (a big yellow bird which you ride like a horse!).

Final Fantasy is part of a series with (as of this moment) 12 games in it, but all the games are stand alone and can be played separately. Final Fantasy IX was published by Square.
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