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Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:28

Trigun is “space western” which, as the name suggests is set in a space age with futuristic technology, but it also has a decidedly western feel. The story is centred on the character of Vash the Stampede who is the most wanted man on the planet Gunsmoke, with a 60,000,000,000$$ bounty (Yes, that’s Sixty Billion Double Dollars) resting on his head! In fact, he causes so much trouble (despite the fact that he is a strict pacifist) that the Bernardelli insurance society has felt it necessary to have 24 hour surveillance on Vash for risk avoidance, and has set two women by the names of Meryl Strife and Millie Thompson to keep an eye on him.

The characters in Trigun are well developed and, the manga is very creative in the types of machinery and weapons are in it, such as the Sandsteamer that provides transport across the desert and through uncharted lands. It also has a large amount of fun characters such as the Nebraska family, who are giants - and of course Vash the Stampede - who is very fun to read about, due to his refusal to use weapons, even on people that are attacking him!

Trigun has plenty of humour and action, and is a very entertaining read. The first volume of “Trigun” is a double width edition so it is rather large and contains three different stories. Trigun has no unsuitable content and is fine for all ages.

There are two Trigun books and then the story is continued in the Trigun Maximum series, which has fourteen volumes. Trigun was created by Yasuhiro Nightow.
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