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Z.O.E Dolores, i - Vol 2
Z.O.E Dolores, i - Vol 2
Space cargo ship pilot James Links and his family are on the run, unjustly accused of interplanetary terrorism. Mars offers hope for clearing the family name, but can the Links' get safely out of Earth's orbit with governments, agencies and spies throwing everything they've got at the Ender? The Links family dodges Earth's World Defense Surveillance on one side and mysterious Martian agents on the other, only to find themselves caught in the middle-among the smugglers, thugs, and gangsters who navigate the space between them all. Fortunately, they have an ally in Orbital Frame Dolores. She's got even more secrets and power to reveal in the second volume of Zone of the Enders: Dolores, i!

Date Added: 19/09/10 18:40

Type of Media: Anime

Tags: mecha, earth_v_mars, based_on_game
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