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Kaneda is a bike gang leader whose close friend Tetsuo gets involved in a government secret project known as Akira. On his way to save Tetsuo, Kaneda runs into a group of anti-government activists, greedy politicians, irresponsible scientists and a powerful military leader. The confrontation sparks off Tetsuo's supernatural power leading to bloody death, a coup attempt and the final battle in Tokyo Olympiad where Akira's secrets were buried 30 years ago. This edition contains two disks

Date Added: 13/09/10 20:30

Type of Media: Anime

Tags: classic, film, espers
Member Review:
Review By avmakt
Posted: 14/10/10 11:25

Adapted in 1988 by Katsuhiro Otomo from his own manga, Akira is one of the best known anime around. Akira is set thirty years after a Tokyo is destroyed in a nuclear explosion; now the artificial island of Neo-Tokyo is consumed by an endemic unrest that manifests in the youth as gang violence.

The plot follows a few main characters; Kaneda and Tetsuo are members of a bike gang ( Kaneda being the leader.) Having been friends for many years, Kaneda feels protective towards Tetsuo ... -> READ MORE
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