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Zone of Enders (ZOE)
Zone of Enders (ZOE)
After witnessing the death of his friends under the foot of a giant Mech. Leo, running for his life stumbles into the cockpit of a revolutionary new Mech. From here on in, begins the story of a young boy, trying to come to terms with his fear of death and loathing for killing. Only by becoming what he hates will he survive and realise his destiny Taught how to pilot the Mech by the onboard computer, ADA. Leo teaches ADA about love, loyalty and respect for life Whether that life is biological or digital. Along the way Leo makes friends and enamies, His most dogged opponant is the beautiful and twisted Viola. A brilliant pilot and a cruel warrior. Her defeat at the hands of this boy early in the story burns like a torch in her heart She will have her revenge and teach this youngster the root of true power. At once a balls-to-the-wall shoot-em-up and essay on the sanctity of life

Date Added: 27/09/10 10:56

Type of Media: Game

Tags: mecha, PS2
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