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To Rent: CLUB MEMBERS ONLY. PM me here and state the titles you want, and they'll be brought to the next meet/ social for you to pick up.
Prices: FREE! Limit of 3 items a time. Rental is for period of one month.
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 9
Brahne, the evil Queen of Alexandria, is using highly advanced magical weapons to terrorise neighbouring kingdoms. Players follow a group of bandits, knights and magicians as they try to foil her plans. The heroes quickly learn that her wicked doings are part of a much larger plot, and as they progress, they learn about the sinister motives of a powerful sorcerer named Kuja.

Date Added: 27/09/10 16:37

Type of Media: Game

Tags: PS1, rpg
Member Review:
Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:27

Final Fantasy IX is a game for the Playstation 1 and is the last of the Final Fantasy series to be released on that console. This game is an RPG (Role Playing Game) in which the main character is a thief with a tail called Zidane (though you can name him whatever you want), who is travelling with a band of criminals pretending to be a "theatre group". The story starts with your kidnapping of the Princess Garnet (you can name her as well) - who as it turns out, actually wants to be kidnapped! Oth... -> READ MORE
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