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Prices: FREE! Limit of 3 items a time. Rental is for period of one month.
Dynasty Warriors 2
Dynasty Warriors 2
Third century China is a daunting and dangerous place, where combat is a way of life and survival a slim possibility. Feuding dynasties command armies of thousands as battles are fought to overthrow generals and bring down fortresses. An epic drama with a varied cast, Dynasty Warriors 2 immerses the player into a rich and riveting 3D environment. Aided by a wealth of jaw-dropping moves, your character can scale battlements, ride war-horses and pick off distant opponents with an accurate and deadly shower of bows and arrows. There are 9 main characters to select from and a variety of 3D viewpoints, including 1st person mode for an unrivalled perspective when launching your attack on the advancing army. Two different games styles--Musou Mode and Free Play--are featured, both strikingly rendered in 3D. Blending out-and-out fighting with an awe-inspiring backdrop, Dynasty Warriors 2 offers a captivating insight into the brutal reality of ancient China.

Date Added: 27/09/10 16:38

Type of Media: Game

Tags: PS2
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