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Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive 3
Developed for the Xbox, Dead or Alive 3 boasts a host of new characters, lighting effects, interactive environments, muscle and clothing movement, and more. Choose from a line-up of new and returning characters and engage in frenzied fighting. Enhanced movie sequences deliver John-Woo-style slow-motion effects. Multi-tiered settings also let you explore multiple areas within a level. Up to four players can battle it out, while the single player mode offers a variety of challenging levels. Returning favourites include Kasumi and Lei-Fang or play as newcomers Hitomi, Christie, and Brad, as you test your skills in 16 unique fighting environments. Choose from more than 13 different fighting styles, including Karate and Zui Ba Xian Quan (Eight Spirits Drunken Fist). Environments feature destructible scenery and varied terrains, such as mountains and sand. Its redesigned costume system, updated tactical reversals, and all-new air-throws take this title's fighting engine to the next level. Dead or Alive 3 also takes full advantage of the powerful Xbox platform to offer character models and a physics engine that delivers a stunning degree of realism. Dramatic lighting, shadows, and reflections heighten the realism, while subtle water effects animate puddles, ponds, and oceans with incredible detail.

Date Added: 27/09/10 16:52

Type of Media: Game

Tags: Xbox, beat_em_up
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