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Much more than a beat 'em up, Crisis Beat is a blend of action and adventure rarely seen on PlayStation, wrapped up in a compelling narrative that runs throughout the game, guiding players from one exciting challenge to another. To combat the hordes of bad guys all over the ship, you have to use stealth, strategy and be ready to brawl with the best. Depending on which character you have opted to play (a choice of four), the game AI will select the best "BOSS" to hamper your progress. This system gives players the play-it-again variety that will have them wanting to play Crisis Beat again and again. When you can't make the grade on your own you can call on a friend to help in two player mode. Here there are two teams to choose from and, depending on which one is selected, chooses which stage and "BOSS" you start the game with.

Date Added: 27/09/10 17:16

Type of Media: Game

Tags: PS1
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