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Remote - Vol 1
Remote - Vol 1
Kurumi Ayaki is told by her fiance that they will have to put off the wedding -- they just can't afford it yet. They both decide to work harder to earn the money, and Kurumi is given the assignment of working in the Unsolved Crimes Division, Special Unit A. This is where she meets Inspector Himuro, a young genius who is unable to leave the underground room in which he resides, and who is physically unable to feel emotions. She acts as his ears and eyes as they attempt to uncover the mystery of the serial clown murders.

Date Added: 03/10/10 20:32

Type of Media: Manga

Member Review:
Review By Tangelax
Posted: 17/10/10 10:50

The main character in Remote is Kurumi Ayaki: a traffic cop ready to give up work once she got married, but was forced to return to her job to help pay for her wedding. However, when she returns to work, instead of going back to her old job, she is enlisted to help crack a serial murder case! The case that she is working on is particularly tricky, and the police force has had to call in a special detective - a master at solving cases - but incredibly anti-social (L anyone?)! The detective’s name... -> READ MORE
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