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To Rent: CLUB MEMBERS ONLY. PM me here and state the titles you want, and they'll be brought to the next meet/ social for you to pick up.
Prices: FREE! Limit of 3 items a time. Rental is for period of one month.
Sgt. Frog - Vol 9
Sgt. Frog - Vol 9
Frogs Gone Wild Hot springs resorts, Children's Day and monsoons drive the Keroro Platoon to the extreme! When Keroro is left home alone, Fuyuki's innocent Children's Day decorations become weapons for the sergeant. When Fuyuki finds out, not even Natsumi can stop this outraged Hinata on a rampage! During the monsoon season, Keroro has to use a power limiter or else he loses all control. When they try removing the limiter, the frog goes haywire! And when the Platoon is about to be sent back to Keron for taking too long to conquer Earth, Kururu has a plan to fool them all--an Earth replica operation!

Date Added: 04/10/10 13:51

Type of Media: Manga

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