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To Rent: CLUB MEMBERS ONLY. PM me here and state the titles you want, and they'll be brought to the next meet/ social for you to pick up.
Prices: FREE! Limit of 3 items a time. Rental is for period of one month.
Donkey Konga
Donkey Konga
Jungle Boogie! Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have caught the music bug, and they can't wait to flex their musical muscles! Grab the all-new DK Bongos and join in the fun clap your hands into the microphone and drum those bongos to the beat to prove that you're the rhythm king! With over thirty songs, including kids' medleys, classical masterpieces and pop favourites, Donkey Konga puts the music in your hands with the DK Bongos!

Date Added: 15/09/10 13:48

Type of Media: Game

Tags: gamecube, uses_accessory, rhythm_game
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