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Serial Experiments Lain - Vol 1
Serial Experiments Lain - Vol 1
The day after a classmate commits suicide, Iain, a 13-year-old girl, receives an e-mail from the dead girl: "I just abandoned my body. I still live here." Iain then begins to learn that there is an inexplicable link between the tactile world around us and the wired world, the strange virtual universe inside the computer.

Date Added: 04/10/10 16:10

Type of Media: Anime

Member Review:
Review By avmakt
Posted: 17/10/10 09:52

This show is for the most part a philosophical, psychological thriller that swings between the humorous and the disturbing, the bizarre and the exciting. As clichéd an explanation as that is, I think it sums it up rather well. One second the character is suffering an existential crisis, the next a non-sequitur will arise so bizarre that I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the transition. That being said, I don’t seem to being giving the show the justice it truly deserves.

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