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Ghost in the Shell: SAC - Vol 5
Ghost in the Shell: SAC - Vol 5
On a visit to London for a conference, Aramaki drops by to visit an old friend who wants to ask a favour. But they find themselves taken hostage by a couple of thieves, and a crooked police officer doesn't want any survivors. Then, Aramaki attends the funeral of an old war buddy, and learns of the disturbing behaviour of his deceased friend's son. Later, Section 9 is assigned the task of protecting the Chinese Foreign Minister from being assassinated. How are the two cases related? Section 9's next case is a rash of mass-kidnappings. Rumour has it that a crime syndicate is harvesting organs and selling them on the black market. This case will put them up against an operative who is Motoko's equal.

Togusa, meanwhile, is on the trail of the Laughing Man again, and this time, his investigations lead him towards a leading micromachine corporation and an NGO called the Sunflower Society. But things are about to take a deadly turn...

Date Added: 25/10/10 21:25

Type of Media: Anime

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