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Dominion Tank Police OVA Series 1 - Vol 1
Dominion Tank Police OVA Series 1 - Vol 1
Masamune Shirow (creator) Koichi Mashimo (director) In the year 2010, the earth has been encircled by a toxic cloud so noxious as to require the population to wear gas-masks. Leading the attack on society are the cat sisters Annapuna and Unipuma. Sexy but ruthless, these bio-engineered commandos ally with grotesque half-human half-cyborg gang leader Buaku in ceaseless, naked aggression. Enter the tank police. Led by Charles “Mr Squad Commander” Britain, this space-age Law and order patrol welcomes its newest member, Leona, during around of “grenade golf” that puts the “terror” back into “interrogation”. The Buaku Gang stoops so low as to terrorise a hospital in order to steal the urine samples of people unaffected by the toxic atmosphere. They only escape the fearsome Tank Police by virtue of a deadly striptease performed by the feline crime sisters. This action packed tale of a girl and her tank, fighting the forces of futuristic terrorism is an epic battle between good and evil!

Date Added: 13/09/10 19:49

Type of Media: Anime

Tags: Masamune_Shirow, classic, OVA, futuristic
Member Review:
Review By avmakt
Posted: 30/11/10 19:08

Made in 1989, this is an adaptation of a manga by Shiro Masamune. This takes place in the same universe as most of his other works, though much earlier than Ghost in the Shell or Appleseed. In a city wracked with bacterial air pollution, the criminals have moved beyond the control of the standard police forces. The government sanction the creation of a TankPolice division. This is a decision they later come to regret.

The story follows Leona Ozaki, who transfers to the TankP... -> READ MORE
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