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Prices: FREE! Limit of 3 items a time. Rental is for period of one month.
Angel Tales - Vol 1
Angel Tales - Vol 1
Juzo Mutsuki (original story) Kazuhiro Ochi (Director) Once upon a time, there was one very unlucky young man. No job, no girlfriend, not o mention losing his wallet and bumping into a road sign. But no matter how unlucky he might be, he never lost his love for animals. He has a soft spot for all animals and remembers every signal pet he had in his childhood. One day, just after failing a job interview, a street fortuneteller informs him his luck will change. After being accustomed to his unlucky lie, he doesn’t believe a word she says. But soon enough, he finds out she was right! What signal guy would object to having three pretty girls in his room unexpectedly?

Date Added: 13/09/10 20:14

Type of Media: Anime

Tags: harem, region_1
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