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To Rent: CLUB MEMBERS ONLY. PM me here and state the titles you want, and they'll be brought to the next meet/ social for you to pick up.
Prices: FREE! Limit of 3 items a time. Rental is for period of one month.
X The TV Series - Vol 1
X The TV Series - Vol 1
From CLAMP (Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura) and Animation by Madhouse (Vampire Hunter D, Trigun, Cardcaptor Sakura)! Two Futures. Two Sides. One Choice. X. Two groups of supernaturally powered warriors begin a prophetic battle to shape the future - a clash that will rock the foundations of the planet! The Seven Dragons of Earth swear to purge humanity from the world, while the Seven Dragons of Heaven are the last hope of all mankind. One young man holds the key to Earth's destiny - but to choose the side of good, he may spell doom for all creation.

Date Added: 19/09/10 11:32

Type of Media: Anime

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