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Texhnolyze - Vol 1
Texhnolyze - Vol 1
Ichise's grief only allows him to enjoy the pain of the fighting pits in the underground city of Lukuss. However, when a gang punishes Ichise by cutting his arm and leg off, his will to live overcomes the odds and attracts the attention of the ruling Orugano syndicate that controls the cybernetic Texhnolyze technology which is usually reserved for the elite. Meanwhile, an outsider has come down to the city and, along with a young psychic girl, the dominos are beginning to fall in the seething unrest of the city as their paths slowly intertwine with Ichise's.

Date Added: 19/09/10 14:37

Type of Media: Anime

Member Review:
Review By avmakt
Posted: 30/11/10 19:11

Texhnolyze was created in 2003, written by Konaka Chiaki and the characters designed by the creator of Serial Experiments Lain (Abe Yoshitoshi). The library has only the first volume of this anime, and as such it is difficult to evaluate from such a limited perspective. The first thing to say is that not a lot seems to happen in this anime. There will be bursts of action or violence punctuated with lengthy shots of characters or scenery, often with little to no motion in these shots. But by ... -> READ MORE
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