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Otogi Zoshi - Vol 1
Otogi Zoshi - Vol 1
During the Heian Era, the Empire teeters on the edge of collapse. Famine and disease have swept the countryside, crime runs rampant, and members of the government bicker and scheme for power rather than solving problems. The last hope is the master archer Minamoto, sent by the Emperor to find the magical Magatama that can restore the land. However, disaster seems to loom when Minamoto himself becomes deathly ill. In order to save Japan, his sister Hikaru decides to pose as him and find the Magatama herself, beginning an epic journey full of danger, disguise, and friendship. OTOGI ZOSHI VOLUME 1: LEGEND OF THE MAGATAMA contains the first five episodes of the acclaimed anime series.

Date Added: 19/09/10 15:09

Type of Media: Anime

Tags: samurai
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