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Jlist / JBox - Is it worth it?
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Martin Webb
18 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: 30/08/08 09:41  Reply with quote

Despite there being little option to obtain many of the items on this site - can they really be trusted?

I'm inclined to think NO

After negotiating quite few errors in their ordering system - that allowed an extra incorrect order to be sent through, and that sets the "tracking" to nothing but "printing shipping label" for weeks - I recently bought some items, including an Omamori Amulet.
The one I bought is here.

The listing conveniently leaves out the fact that these bags are EMPTY. There is no wood or paper prayers/spells inside.

Yes, I know opening them is supposed to dispel their power - but I don't believe in it, I just wanted to see what these scrolls looked like. In fact, that was the whole reason I bought one!

I first contacted Jlist to confirm that there had been some mistake. They replied that there hadn't - that they're "supposed" to be empty.

I then replied to explain how I felt that that was unreasonable, and that there should be some indication of this in the product description (especially as there are at least three other product in the same line 1,2,3). I even said that I would be happy if they could just direct me to the information about how the prayer scrolls would look like.

I have had no reply.

Thanks, JList. It really shows how trustable a retailer you are.
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14 Dec 2008
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PostPosted: 05/03/09 19:16  Reply with quote

sorry to hear about that - that just sucks - I hadn't heard of them but read your post and atleast I know to avoid them like the plague -ta Smile
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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    AMG(SC) Index -> Anime, Manga, Japan
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