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Sucess! (i'm online in my room)
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Kyle Johnson
09 Nov 2008
Posts: 718
Location: At the edge of Skyrim

PostPosted: 24/10/09 21:52  Reply with quote

As the title suggests, I'm finally on-line in my room Very Happy

This might not sound like much to most people but it means the world to me. I live in a very old Victorian semi (parent house) with thick (signal blocking) walls and at the back of the house. The house is very long and thin. The only place you can connect to the internet is at the front of the house and my room is right at the back :down: . Even with a N series wireless I couldn't get connected Crying or Very sad !

Well today all of my usb active extention cables arrived and now I am on-line in my room (I was unable to use one long bit of ethernet cable due to my dad hating any wires that he can see (which in the case of a huge ethernet cable he would notice running down the stairs). If you think that is irrational, he sold my cupboard and chest of drawers this week and told me I had to replace them. And yes, it was as strange as it sounds. Evil or Very Mad , i didn't take well to the news. Any-how having hidden wires under the carpets my dongle (wireless thing, not any thing perverted) is closer to the router I am now on-line from the back of the house.

I've also connected my PS3 to the internet though my desktop <insert a 'peeing itself with joy' emoticon if there was one> Very Happy

Site Admin

22 Sep 2010
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Location: Sandbach or "Da Batch"

PostPosted: 22/09/10 17:49  Reply with quote

Dude, have you not thought about ASDL plugs? I am not on wireless and I am certainly not in a position to and, if you ever want to have a wired connection sans all the wiring, you may want to consider two ASDL plugs.

It goes:

Power--> ASDL Plug 1 <---Router

in another room:

Power--> ASDL Plug 2 <--PC/Ethernet connection

Reliable and effective, job done. :moogle:
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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    AMG(SC) Index -> Computer & Console Games
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